What States Offer free Tuition Assistance for Dependents of Disabled Veterans

A spouse or dependent of a veteran, may qualify for free college tuition. However, not all states offer the same support, each of them offering a variety of state-funded benefits and programs.

Tuition Assistance for Dependents of Disabled Veterans

The Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) program makes sure the education and training opportunities to dependents of veterans who are eligible.

 Alabama Scholarship

The Alabama Dependents’ Scholarship offers capable spouses a scholarship equivalent to as much as five academic years or 10 semesters at any Alabama state-supported college or foundation of higher learning, including state technological colleges.

What States Offer free Tuition Assistance for Dependents of Disabled Veterans

The veteran must have sensibly served at least ninety days of nonstop active federal veteran service or been honorably discharged because of service-connected disability after plateful less than ninety days of continuous active federal veteran service.

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The scholarship amount will depend on the disability rating of the veteran, and both the veteran and qualifying reliant or spouse must meet Alabama residency and age necessities. most of the other organizations also offer scholarships for military children and spouses.

 Alaska tuition waivers:

Spouses and dependents may qualify for tuition waivers presence school in the University of Alaska system. If they qualify, scholar tuition and fees are waived while attending school in the University of Alaska system. To be able to get the education waiver benefit, the deceased veteran must have been an Alaska tenant, and congregate one of the following criteria:

  • Died in the procession of duty
  • Listed by the DOD
  • Killed in accomplishment

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 Arizona tuition-free education:

Arizona’s tuition waiver program provides surviving dependents with tuition-free tutoring at any public state university or community college. To qualify, one must be a dependent spouse or child (not older than 30 years of age) of a member of the National Guard associate or the United States Armed Forces.

The member must have been an Arizona resident/stationed in the state and killed or died from injuries suffered in the line of duty.  You must also be accepted to the school one would like to attend.

 Arkansas Dependents Scholarship:

The Arkansan state Scholarship Program (MDS) provides financial support for qualifying veteran’s spouses or dependents who want to complete their bachelor’s level or certificate of completion from an Arkansas public college, university, or mechanical school.

To qualify, you must be a spouse or dependent child of a resident Arkansas member who was:

  • classified as gone astray in action, killed in action, or a prisoner of war
  • killed on artillery delivery
  • classified as 100% totally and permanently disabled as a result of service

The program covers the unpaid part of tuition fees of the university, payable fees, and on-campus room and panel, after three months of Dependents Education Assistance (DEA) benefits have been deducted from the total cost.

 California Qualifying Dependents of Veterans:

Qualifying dependents are eligible for a waiver of statewide education and fees (excluding books, housing, and meals) for California State University, University of California, and any State of California society college.

 Florida Scholarships for Children:

The Scholarships for family and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans (CSDDV) provides a financial award to dependent children or spouses of competent Florida veterans. These scholarships give financial help with tuition fees and other expenses at any eligible public or private school. Learn more

The dependent child of the capable veteran must be between the ages of 16 and 22. The spouse of the disabled veteran must have been a Florida resident for one year and be wedded to the disabled veteran for one or more years.

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