How to take screenshot on window 10, 8, 8.1, 7

This is not necessary that users are using PC for personal or business use. It is important to know about the process of taking screenshots in easy ways because the need for saving or capturing anything always comes suddenly.

How to take screenshot on window 10

PC has different kinds of windows for operating various functions. Different kinds of data or any kind of pictures that are displayed on the desktop of users can be easily grabbed or captured through the process of taking screenshots. There are large number of benefits for taking the screenshots on PC by having the window of 10, 8.1, and 7. This helps out for sharing anything with others with ease.

Methods of taking screenshots on window 10

There are various quick ways for taking the screenshots on window 10. Before to taking the screenshots, it is important to know whether the users want to take or capture the entire screen or just part of it. There are various shortcuts for taking the screenshots. For window 10 on PC, the easy way for taking the screenshot is adopting or using the tool of snipping. The major steps for using this tool of screenshot are following

  • Open the start
  • Find the option of snip and sketch, for this users just need to do click on founded option for getting experiences
  • Select the option of NEW button that is provided at the top left corner of the window
  • After selecting this button, the very next and quick thing need to do is selecting the type of snipping either it should be rectangular, freeform and full screen clip
  • The last option to do is to take screenshot and then can easily share with other users by saving them.

How to take Screenshot on window 8

how to screenshot on windows 8: The need for taking screenshot in order to capture anything is required. There is always ability of capturing the images or entire desktop in digital devices. The need of using any kind of software for taking screenshot of digital devices is not required.

How do you take Screenshot on window 8

The ability of using this process is already built ink various digital devices. PC, mobile devices, tablets and many other devices have their own ways for taking screenshot and save them in a particular folder. It is the quick and easy processes for capturing or saving any kind of data or image or entire desktop with ease by the process of screenshot. This also facilitates the users to share their captured images or any other information with other users easily.

Methods of taking screenshot on window 8

There are many shortcuts for taking the screenshot on PC that containing particular windows. If we talk about those PC which is containing of window 8, then there is also quick and shortcut ways for taking the screenshots. The first method which is very simple and easy in use is following

  • Press the button of print screen and the key window simultaneously for taking the screenshot.
  • The screenshot taken through this processes stored the image or clip into clipboard.
  • Users can get access to save screenshot taken through this step from the folder of pictures that has another folder named as screenshot.
  • It can be shared then with other users with ease after saving the screenshot

This quickest method of taking the screenshot on PC is available in all versions of windows.

Screenshot on Windows 8

The PC which is containing of window 8 gives the facility of taking the screenshot through various ways. It is helpful to users for saving any important information or image as well as to highlight anything can be possible easily through the process of taking screenshot. The updated window 8 is also offering the new way of taking screenshot or captures anything on desktop or window through the process of share charm. It is an improved form by which users can share with other users with ease. There are many other ways for taking the screenshot additional with the above mentioned procedures. For this, the steps should be considered that are explained following

  • Open the Start
  • Go to the option of Charm Share and select it
  • Then selecting the share charm option
  • After selecting above option, there is need to do the most important thing that is to select the desired item or image or thing
  • The last option then is to take screenshot of desired thing
  • Save the taken screenshot and then share with other users with ease

Now by following the above steps users of window 8 can easily take the screenshot whenever they require. It is very easy and quick process for saving anything or image. It also provides the easier platform to share things with other uses quickly instead to download the whole file.

How to take Screenshot on window 8.1

There is another facility of taking the screenshots on PC having the window of 8.1 through the tool of share charm. The window 8.1 is updated frequently with the development of its features and functions. It has improved the concept of share charm through which users can take screenshots quickly. This also helps them for sharing that capture moment with other users with ease. The other way for taking the screenshot on window 8.1 is following

  • Open the start
  • Go to option of charm share
  • Select the required that need to be capture
  • Take screenshot and then can easily share with others after saving them

How to take Screenshot on window 7

Those PCs which are having the window of 7 is also providing the facility of taking screenshots. There is very easy way for doing the process of taking screenshots on PC of window 7. For this, there is need to follow the given steps

  • Hit the buttons of print screen and window key simultaneously.
  • The screenshot of captured image of desktop can easily save in the folder of pictures named as screenshot folder.
  • Therefore, it is easily seen in the clipboard.
  • Then after saving them users can share with other users.

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