How to take screenshot on PC Window 10, 8, 8.1, 7 in 2022

How to screenshot on PC: There are various ways for taking the screenshot on PC. It is the easy and quick process for capturing anything or image through the screenshot.

How to take Screenshot on PC

if you have question about how to screenshot on computer? you can get answer after reading this blog post. In order to take the screenshot of the active window instead the users capture the entire or whole screen, for this, users just have to follow some basic steps. There is no hard and fast rule for taking the screenshot it is very easy process.


Methods of taking screenshot on PC

There are some shortcuts for taking the screenshot on PC either it is containing of any kind of window. These shortcuts are applied to all versions of window. Some basic shortcuts are following

How to take a screenshot on a pc?

  • Use the key board shortcut: It means that it is easy to take screenshot on PC through the use of keyboard. For this, there is just need to enter the button of print screen or enter the CTRL and PrtScn simultaneously. Through this process of screenshot, it captures the whole window and then save it into the option of clipboard. There is also facility of editing the images or paint them by opening the window in the file of print.
  • Other key board shortcuts: The other way or shortcut for taking the screenshot on PC is easy through the use of a keyboard. For this, users just have to press the button of window along the button of print screen. After taking the screenshot of desired part of the window or whole window, then save this taken screenshot as a file in the hard drive with ease. Therefore, window saves the screenshot in the folder of pictures by sub name as screenshot.
  • Third keyboard shortcut: The third way for taking the screenshot on pc is just by the use of button of Alt and print screen simultaneously. For this, just users need to open the window that users want to capture and then press the keys of Alt and print screen together. By this process, the taken screenshot will save again in the folder of pictures. To get access to taken screenshot or saved captured image by moving into the option of folder, then into pictures which is further consisted of another folder named as screenshot.

Hence, it is very quick and easy process for the users of PC to take screenshots or capture anything. By just following the above mentioned shortcuts, users can easily get access to them. These are simple and very clear steps or shortcuts for taking the screenshots on PC. It is applicable for all versions of windows of PC.

Significance of taking screenshots on PC

There is large importance of taking the screenshot on PC. It does not matter that either the users are using the PC for personal use or business purpose. The need for taking the screenshot will come at any time so it is necessary for the users to know about the shortcuts or process of taking the screenshots on PC. It is easy to share with others. It also helps user for highlighting anything by just capturing particular thing and then share with others with ease.

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