How to take a screenshots on an HP laptop? [2022]

How to screenshots on an HP laptop?: The process of taking screenshots on any device is simple and easy. It is way for capturing anything or images with ease and also able the users to share with others. Some people call it or named as screen grabs, screen caps and screenshots, so whatever they call it the main purpose or meaning all of them is to capture the entire window or required portion of the window with ease.

How to take a screenshots on an HP laptop?

Through this process of taking screenshots help the users in various ways to share them with other as well as to highlight anything during meetings.


Methods of taking screenshot on HP laptop

There are very simple and quick ways for taking the screenshot either entire window or portion of the HP laptop window. HP is the leading brand that gives easy platform to large number of users to perform their tasks quickly. In order to take the screenshots on HP laptop, it offers various ways, the main and simple process for this are following,

  • Press the button of print screen and window key simultaneously: This shortcut is easy to take screenshot on HP laptop by the use of its keyboard.
  • Open editing program: After pressing the above required buttons, users need to open the image editing program for editing the programs accordingly.
  • Press Ctrl + V: Open the new image and then press the shortcut buttons of Ctrl and V together for pasting the taken screenshot. For this, there is also another facility of pasting the taken screenshot by just right click of cursor and select the option of paste.
  • The lasts step for this is to save the captured image by placing them into easily accessible folder. This defined place of the screenshot gives the easy and quick access to share it with other users.

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Second Method for taking the screenshot of HP laptop

The other way for taking the screenshots on HP laptop is also easy and clear. The main steps for taking the screenshots on HP laptop are following,

  • Press the window and shift button: This is easy shortcut for taking the screenshots on HP laptop by simultaneously pressing the button of Shift and window key.
  • After pressing these above mentioned buttons, the window of HP laptop also gives the facility to select the required stuff instead to capture the entire screen.
  • After selecting the portion, the users just have to save them into the clipboard.
  • Then the laptop of HP also provides the facility of editing the taken screenshot easily by just opening them into the file of editing image program.
  • The next step after editing the taken screenshot is to pastes them into an appropriate folder that is possible by using the button of keyboard.
  • Press the button of Ctrl + V to paste the edited image or another option for this is just to do right click of the cursor and then select the option of paste into it.
  • After this, the last step to do is to save the taken screenshot in any file and then place them in easily accessible folder.


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