How to take a screenshot on windows 10

The process of taking screenshot on any digital device is very easier way than taking the long process of saving or capturing anything particularly. Screenshot is a process of capturing any image or a particular item whatever is present on the screen of PC or desktop.

How to take a screenshot on windows 10

There are many easy ways for taking the screenshot of whole windows or desktop or just the few part of it according to the requirements of digital users.


There are various ways that can be adopted for taking the screenshot on window 10. It provides the quick access to saving or capturing a thing by highlighting them through screenshots. It is most easy and quick process as it also gives the facility of sharing saved stuff with others.

How to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop windows 10

The windows 10 offers the quickest process of taking screenshot is by just clicking on the print button and windows key simultaneously. Then it shows that the screen of the user is going to dim that will indicate the screenshot has been taken which is saved to the folder of pictures with the subfolder named as screenshots folders.

The other way of taking the screenshot on windows 10 is to have tap on the button of print screen and Alt together. This will the easily snap the windows that is open currently ad it will copy easily copy the screenshot in the clipboard.

How to take Screenshot in Laptop Windows 10

Windows 10 is getting updated regularly with the development in its features and functions. Therefore, it also introduces the new ways of it process such as it bring some changes in the process of taking a screenshot.

How to take screenshot in laptop hp windows 10

The windows 10 2018 updates has introduced new changes or bring new ways for taking the screenshot with ease. The most recent new tool or technique for taking the screenshot on windows 10 is snipping tool as snip and sketch tool.

For this, there is only need to click on the upper left corner button of New for capturing the screen quickly. Few basic steps for this are following:

  • Firstly open the start of the windows
  • Then there is need to search for snip and sketch tool for this, there is only need to open or click the top result for getting experience.
  • After this, the third step is to click on the button on New that is available at the top left corner
  • Then select the category of snip that users want to use such as rectangular, freeform and full screen clip
  • The last thing need to do which is most important is to take a screenshot.

By following above steps the users of window 10 on PC can easily take the screenshots. This is a very easy and clear process in order to take screenshot on window 10 of PC.

This provides the easy ways to share anything or image with other users by highlighting them. These are easy steps to follow for any users in order to take screenshot on PC of window 10 and share them with other users with ease.

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