How to Take a Screenshot on Surface Pro?

How to screenshot on surface pro?  The use of Microsoft linear pro is most commonly used that perform various functions. It has detachable keyboard and the kickstand is also adjustable.

How to take a screenshot on surface pro?

The digital pen of the surface pro is remarkable and considered as the best class pen. The most of the users of this device are digital artists and students. It is also used in large demand by those professionals who work especially on portable form factor. Those users who were using laptops will experience some difficulties when they switch to surface pro regarding screenshots.


Screenshot on surface pro

The process of taking the screenshot on surface pro is quite simple and easy. It differs little with other devices. The main approaches used for taking the screenshot on surface pro are take screenshot with using its keyboard and screenshot taken without using the keyboard.

Methods of taking screenshot

There are different methods of taking the screenshot on surface pro. The first method for this is to take a screenshot by using the buttons of surface hardware. In this method, the main steps are following,

  • Find the buttons volume and power of surface pro that are mostly located at the right side of the device.
  • Then press these founded buttons and hold them for two seconds at the same time.
  • When users will leave the button after pressing them, they can easily observe that screen will dim and then brighten again. It reflects that the screenshot has been taken.
  • This taken screenshot then easily found in the folder of pictures with further folder that is named as screenshot.

Second Method

The other method for taking the screenshot on the surface pro either it is belonging to the brand of Samsung or Lenovo they has mostly having the same procedure. This second method for taking the screenshot on the surface pro is also simple and easy in working. The main steps of the second method are following,

  • Take screenshot using keyboard shortcut: in this method users have to choose or select the button of FN key in case of light off.
  • Then press or hold the button of windows keys and PrtSn. By holding these buttons the users will hear the voice like the camera shutter and it shows that the image or screen has been captured.
  • This captured image will share with other users is very easy. It is not important to know either user is using their devices for personal user or business purpose. The need of taking the screenshot will come at any time.

Importance of Screenshot

There is large importance of the processes of taking screenshots on any electronic or digital devices. Multiple responsibilities are quickly done through the process of screenshot. It helps in saving specific tasks or captures the item or thing with just few clicks or process. It helps in saving the clip or highlighting anything show on video by just pausing it. It can be helpful by selecting any paused clip and after taking the screenshot can be easily save or copy. This is the best and easiest way to capture anything and share with others for various purposes.

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