How To Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50?

Samsung is the most leading brand in the markets that are offering various distinct features and functions. There are different versions of the Samsung brand. It releases its new models and versions with the development of features and functions in their old versions or models.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a50?

The process of taking screenshot is varied from devices to devices. Each device has its own procedure for taking the screenshot on them. There are different reasons whenever the users use their devices either for personal or business purpose. The need of taking screenshot is always come sudden in order to capture anything with ease.


Method of taking screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a50

There are different methods for taking the screenshot on Samsung galaxy a50. All process is simple and easy in use. The main method that is mostly used for taking the screenshot on Samsung galaxy a50 is to capture the entire screen. For this, users should have to follow then given steps,

  • Firstly select the window that is need to be captured
  • Once the required screen is opened, very next step is to press or hold the buttons of volume down and power keys at the same time.
  • After pressing these above stated, the taken screenshot will be saved in the folder of Samsung Gallery.
  • To see the captured image or window the users have to go to the option of gallery, where he can easily find another file with the name of screenshot.

Second Method:

There are other different ways for taking the screenshot or capture the image with easy on Samsung galaxy a50. It is also easy to proceed or to capture the part of the screen instead to take the screenshot on the whole window. For this, users should have to follow the given steps,

How Can I take Screenshot in Samsung a50 without power button

  • Open the window or screen that users want to capture or take screenshot.
  • Then users should swipe their hands over the screen from one side to another.
  • After swiping, the next step would be to see the captured image.
  • The screen will be captured and can easily see in the folder of gallery in the device of Samsung galaxy a50.
  • After saving the screenshot, there is also the facility of sharing that with other with easy by just selecting the option of sharing and share them through desired platform.

Significance of taking screenshot

The process of taking screenshot is very swift and it gives the easier way for the users to save any content with ease. There is great value of this process of taking the screenshots on smartphones. Any taken screenshot or caught image or content can be easily shared with other users.

This is also supportive by emphasizing anything before to share with anyone. The process of taking screenshot is also makes the tasks easier for the users to save such things that are seemed or predictable as it will be deleted so it can be saved openly through the process of taking screenshots.

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