How to take a screenshot on Oppo smartphone?

How to screenshot on Oppo smartphone? Today the use of smartphones has increased to its peak. There are large number of brands that offering various kinds of features and functions. The hottest portable devices are mostly smartphones. There are various brands that are making their name in markets. in this article you can come to know about taking screenshot on famous Oppo smartphones like Oppo A37, Oppo A57, Oppo R9s Plus, Oppo R9s, Oppo F1s, Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo A59, Oppo A83, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo F1, Oppo N3, Oppo Find 7A, Oppo Joy 3, OPPO Realme 2.

How to take a screenshot on Oppo smartphone?

Oppo is one of them that is most leading brand and it has made its name in other competitive brands. This brand has release large number of models. Every new model comes with new features and functions that almost fulfill the demands of the markets. The devices of this brand are mostly manufactured by the Oppo electronics which originate in China.


Screenshot on Oppo

The different devices of Oppo brand are offering various methods for taking the screenshot on them. The purpose of taking the screenshot is basically to capture anything that is seemed suspicious and there are chances of removing or deleting anything then this process is helpful.

Methods of taking screenshot on Oppo

There are different methods for taking the screenshot on smartphones of Oppo brand. It is varied from various devices of this brand and it is also different from model to model. All process for taking the screenshot over the smartphone of Oppo are easy and simple. The main method for taking the screenshot on the smartphone of Oppo is quite easy and clear. For this, users should have to follow the given steps,

  • Open the window or image that users want to capture or save
  • After this, press the buttons of key power and volume down simultaneously for just two seconds.
  • The voice will be heard like the camera shutter that will reflect the window or screen is captured.
  • The taken screenshot will be seen easily in the gallery of the Oppo smartphones that having other folder named as a screenshot.

Second Method:

There are other ways for taking the screenshot over the smartphones of Oppo brand. In order to capture the image or taking the long screenshots, users should have to follow the given steps,

  • Hold the buttons of power and volume down simultaneously until the image is captured fully.
  • Second step for taking the long screenshot on the smartphone of Oppo brand, users have to click the long screenshot option then scroll the page up and down according to their requirements.
  • After this, click done to produce long screenshot. This taken long screenshot will be saved in the folder of Photos app.

By just following the above mentioned two methods, users can easily take the screenshot of the entire screen or part of the screen according to their needs. Both methods are quite easy and simple to use. They are almost same in various models and versions of brand Oppo devices.

Importance of screenshot

The process of taking screenshot is very simple and important at different times. This helps the users to capture anything whenever it is seen or observed that it will delete after few minutes. So, it keeps the things save quickly with ease.

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