How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook in 2021

How to Screenshot On Chrome book / How to screenshot on a Samsung Chromebook: There are different ways for taking the screenshots. It is varied from device to device. All devices offer very quick ways for taking the screenshot.

How to Take Screenshot On Chrome book

There is also easy way for taking the screenshot on chrome book. The users often become confuse regarding the screenshots on chrome book as it offers different way. The confusion is mostly arising from the keyboards of chrome nook as it is somewhat different from the keyboards of mac and windows PC.


Few buttons of chrome book keyboard are placed at different places as other devices keyboard. It becomes easier for the users to take screenshot on chrome book once they know about the combinations of chrome book keyboard.

Methods of taking screenshot

There is very easy and quick methods for taking the screenshot on chrome book. The basic process for taking the screenshots on chrome book needs to follow some essential steps. These steps are following;

  • Use of Ctrl+shift window: This is the easiest way for taking the screenshots on chrome book through the shortcuts. For this, users just have to press the button of Ctrl and window simultaneously. The button of show window show key is usually appears as square on which there is design of rectangular with two lines on the right side. The position or location of this button is mostly found at the right side and on the top of the keyboard. This shortcut helps in taking the screenshot of entire or whole screen.
  • Use Shift+Ctrl+Window: In order to take the screenshot of portion of the window, then users just have to follow the shortcut buttons. Just with the press of button of shift, Ctrl and window, the screenshot of the portion of the window has taken. The click and drag of the portion of the window or in order to highlight the anything is become possible or ease with the use of this shortcut.

By following above mentioned steps, the users can easily see their taken screenshot on the window. This will give the option to users for copying the screenshot to the clipboard of image folder. All taken screenshots through these above steps will end up in the folder of downloader. In order to find folder, users just have to follow these given steps,

  • There is option of launcher, choose them it is founded at the left corner of users display.
  • Then there is icon in it named as files under the option of search field. This icon will take the users to file manager.
  • There is folder in downloads under the name of “My Files”. It is founded on the left side of the display. The taken screenshots then easily found there.

Significance of taken screenshots on chrome book

The process of taking screenshots on chrome book is very beneficial for various reasons. This provides the easy way to share anything with other users by highlighting just with process of taking screenshots or print screen on a chromebook. It is helpful for saving anything which seems suspicious or will delete within few minutes, so it can be captured with ease through the process of taking screenshots.

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