How to Print Screen on Mac?

How to Print Screen on Mac? The term of print screen is totally meant of taking screenshots. The ways of taking screenshots varied from different devices. Even there is no buttons as such it is found on other devices. Therefore, the mac system has different way for taking the screenshots or print screen.

How to Print Screen on Mac?

Having no button on the mac system does not mean that users cannot take screenshot, they can but with different procedures not as mostly seen or common on other devices.


Methods of taking print screen on mac

There different methods for taking the screenshots through different approaches. Few approaches is resemble with each other while few is varied with their different outputs. In order to how to print on mac, it is necessary to know that either user want to capture the whole screen or part of the screen or window.

It is also important to know the purpose of taking screenshot of mac. If users are interested to take the screenshot of entire screen then they can use two quite different methods.

Method 1:

The first method that is usually used for capturing the entire screen or window of the windows, they should follow given steps

How to print screen on mac with windows keyboard

  • Press the button of command + control + Shift +3: by holding or pressing these buttons simultaneously, the entire screen of the window will be captured with ease. Once the screen captured, the users will hear the voice like camera shutter.
  • When the screen or window is captured fully then users just have to this taken screenshot in the clipboard.
  • Saving in clipboard, then users should save it on desktop for easy and quick access to it.

Method 2

  • The other method for taking the print of the screen on is very easy and simple. For this, the users should have to open the menu bar firstly, Select the required area or part of the screen after dragging the mouse, and selecting the required screen of the window on mac, users should take the print of the screen by following the given steps
    1. Press the button of control + Shift + 4 at the same time for taking the screenshot of part of the screen.
    2. After giving these commands, the users can easily observed that their cursor mouse changes to + at right sides through proper coordination of pixels.
    3. Then there is need to drag the mouse around that part or section of the thing or object which users want to capture.
    4. When users selected this, then they have to release the mouse.
    5. Through this drag process of the mouse, the print of the selected screen or object has been done
    6. The taken print screen will save then into the option of clipboard.

Significance of print screen on mac

There is great importance of taking the screenshot on mac. it helps the users for capturing anything or any file or image that seems suspicious. It gives the reflection that it will not keep save. This also provides the quick access to share with other of any important thing by highlighting of those files.

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