Whats new in Google Chrome Latest Version

It is totally free internet browser application that released by google in 11 december, 2008. It also has an integrated address bar / search bar called Omnibox.

Google Chrome Overview and benefits

Chrome works well with Google sites and services like YouTube and Gmail. The V8 JavaScript engine application is developed from Google and enhances your experience on scripted websites and software. Most importantly, it makes everything you do on the Internet faster.

After installation, the Chrome browser is automatically configured to download and install updates when available. To verify that updates are installed automatically, please see our page on how to update your browser.
Incognito mode


Google Chrome offers a private data browsing option called Incognito Mode. This mode allows you to browse in a separate sandbox web session. This gives you temporary control over your browsing history and session identity, because when you close the browser, your logins and history are deleted. However, this does not guarantee anonymity.

How to display the file, edit, view, etc. menus in Chrome

There is no way to display in Chrome because this menu bar has been removed. However, all of these features can be accessed by clicking on the button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Configuring privacy settings

For fine-tune privacy, click the upper-right corner of the browser and select Settings button.

The Settings interface opens in the New Browser tab. Scroll and clicks on Show Advanced Settings.

The first advanced settings listed are your privacy settings, which can be changed as you like.


Chrome Developer Tools

If you are developing a website, there are no Chrome Developer Tools. They allow you to closely analyze all visual, interactive and technical components of a website’s location.
To install Google Chrome Developer Tools, go to the View menu and select Developer then Developer Tools or press Ctrl-Alt-I or Option-Command-I.

The developer view allows you to navigate the web on one side of the window and examine the parts and attributes of the resource on the other.

Chromium projects and browser

Chromium projects are open source, community driven projects to develop technology for Chrome and ChromeOS. The Chromium browser is similar to Chrome, but developed specifically with open-source components of Chrome.

Ungoogled Chromium project and browser

Unglazed Chromium is a chromium browser development fork that removes selected browser components. The stated features of the project are:

  • Turn off or delete offensive services and features that interact with Google or compromise privacy.
  • Remove the binaries from the root tree and use the ones provided by the system or build from the source.
  • Add, modify or disable features that prevent control and transparency.
  • Unguided Chromium Browser can download the source code from its repository on GitHub.

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