Duplicate file finder 2023 Free Download For Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (64 Bit)

Duplicate file finder Download: It is a Windows tool that was developed by Mind James Inc. it is easy duplicate file finder also available as a freeware version and a full commercial version. Duplicate file finder pro is intended to scan a user’s operating systems for duplicate files, also display a list of such files, and remove unnecessary copies of the user files with the intention of freeing up hard drive space.

Duplicate file finder For Windows

Duplicate file finder open source is well-matched with all Microsoft Windows versions, including all Windows 8, Windows 7 and all Windows Server operating systems and their respective 32 and duplicate file finder for windows 10 64 bit.

Duplicate file Remover free download full version For Windows 

Duplicate File Finder filehippo is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10. Special 32-bit and X64 versions are available. The 64-bit version is required on 64-bit operating systems.

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Duplicate file finder windows 10 free download

Duplicate File Finder allows you to scan the specific folders and partitions and delete all duplicate files.
Since it sorts the results by file size in descending order, you can quickly find duplicate files in your partitions based on the file partition.

Specify the drives or folders you want to scan, and then quickly preview the available files. The main feature of retaining the app is that duplicate file finder free download full version that compares files based on content rather than file name, so you can be assured that you will get accurate results regardless of the size of the folder you are scanning.

Download duplicate file Remover for pc

Auslogics duplicate file finder also allows the users to perform simple steps such as moving the checked files to the recycle bin, viewing properties, or opening the current file location.

Considering all of the above, fast duplicate file finder download which proves to be a more reliable and efficient solution when scanning your partitions and removing all duplicate files based on their content.


• at a time You can only delete one duplicate file
• Nag screen

Duplicate file remover for pc free download and its Features

  • Comparing File Contents, 100% Accurate Result
  • High-speed Comparison Algorithm, Very Fast
  • Operation is very easy, Only Need just one Click to Get Result
  • Have Flexible Sources like Folder(s), Drive(s), Files, Size(s) and Type(s)
  • Save or Load the required Result like Duplicate Files e.t.c.
  • Also have an supportive options just like Sub Folders, System or Hidden Files, Excluding Paths
  • Invert Checks use for operating the Result Easily
  • Have Fast Filter like Quickly Filter the Duplicate Files by Size
  • Sorts Result by Size in Descending Order
  • Marks the Adjacent Duplicate File Groups by using the Different Colors schemes

Duplicate File Finder Installers System Requirement

setupdf.exe (1.3 MB)

This is an Auto-install version for 32-bit Windows. It uses to see Install & Uninstall for information on installation and removal guidance. Run ‘setupdf.exe’ to download and install it.

setupdf64.exe (1.5 MB)

This is an Auto-install version for 64-bit Windows. It uses to see Install & Uninstall for information on installation and removal guidance. Download it and run ‘setupdf64.exe’ to install it in a subdirectory of your choice.


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