Difference Between Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver

The appearance of both stainless steel and sterling silver is same enough although still there are many differences between them too. In this article you will be able to differentiate between stainless steel and sterling silver. This would be helpful for you to select the best from these two for your use and select which option is best and be a symbol of your unique style.

What is Stainless steel?

Stainless steel is tougher, long lasting as well as robust and more durable along with it, it seems to be glossy shiny when polished. This steel is also comparatively cheap and of reasonable price. This is also known popular choice for the jewelry too. This steel is having the aptitude to tender better reflection of light after being cultured and refined. Stainless steel offers durability, strength and functionality of the steel because of particular combinations of chromium and steel and some other metals used are titanium and nickel.

Stainless Steel is poised of mixture of metal alloys that have different and diverse chemical compositions. There are just about 150 variations of this metal by means of the most familiar being the combination of chromium as well as steel. This steel recommends low maintenance along with corrosion resistance of chromium. Things made up from this stainless steel are long-lasting; strong along with it offers incredible scratch and rub resistance which makes it wonderful for daily use option.

What is Sterling silver?

Sterling silver is not as resistant to damage and will tarnish over time. This form of silver has a soft and elegant luster when polished and it is more expensive than stainless steel. This silver is not only said to be a metal because it is considered as an element along with the chemical symbol Ag. This is not as rarer as compared with gold and platinum which are said to be its cousins but still it is considered to be most precious metal.

Sterling silver is composed of pure silver around 92.5% and copper alloy around 7.5%. Things made from pure silver are the most beautiful but on the other hand they are having high chance of losing their original shape. Silver is known as very weak and slight metal due to which it has the tendency of bending. Sterling silver offers more sturdiness as well as stability and functionality than the pure silver. Silver is also said to be the mostly wanted choice for jewelry because it is having friendly properties and offers soft luster. Moreover silver is also used in many more preparations just like in musical instruments for instance saxophone.

Difference Between Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel

Both of them are well known as alloy metals as they are the combination of a number of other metals. They are same in look but still there are many differences between them.

  • Stainless steel offers more durability and longer lifespan than that of the sterling silver because stainless steel is made up of different metals which enable it to endure and hold up the constant wear and tear of everyday use.
  • Stainless steel is corrosion free and scratch resistant and allows you to wear or use them at a daily base routine because it is durable and no changes are come into view in their appearances and on the other hand sterling silver is more well-designed, stylish and supple option for intricate designs in the vein of custom jewelry.
  • Sterling silver is lightweight as measured up to the stainless steel.
  • Moreover sterling silver holds more value than the stainless steel because it is known to be a precious metal.
  • Furthermore sterling silver smudges much easier than stainless steel and there are more chances for it to damage and scratches are made on it very easily.
  • Stainless steel is better for everyday use purpose than sterling silver because steel is much more durable and having longer lifespan.
  • Sterling silver is trivial as compared to the stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, harder construction, increased durability as well as scratch resistant. Shines more than that of the silver and is versatile. This is having an affordable price than that of the silver.
  • Sterling silver can be repaired easily once it is damaged but stainless steel can’t be repaired once it is damaged and some sensitive people are allergic from this too.
  • Sterling silver is said to be precious metal as well as it is less expensive than that of gold and platinum. Designs can be made from it due to its malleability and adaptability.

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Both of them stainless steel and sterling silver are similar in their appearances but they are having different features, compositions and properties. Stainless steel can be used for daily base purpose as it is durable while on the other hand sterling silver is more valuable because it emanates a higher level of grace and style. Both of them are versatile and can fulfill your needs.

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