What is the Difference Between Socialism and Communism?

Difference Between Socialism and Communism

What is socialism?

Socialism is a political, social and economic philosophy that incorporates social ownership, means of production and economic and social systems characterized by workers. Self-management of organizations, this includes political theories and movements associated with such systems. Its goal is to overcome the inefficiencies and crises traditionally associated with capital accumulation and the profit system in capitalism.

Difference Between Socialism and Communism

Socialist systems

Socialist systems are divided into non-market forms. In market-free socialism the factor markets and the replacement of money with engineering and technical standards are based on a kind of calculation, thereby producing a financial mechanism that operates under different economic laws from capitalism. The socialist calculation debate, sparked by the problem of financial accounting, concerns the feasibility and methods of resource allocation to the planned socialist system.

Socialist politics

Socialist politics is internationalist and nationalist in orientation that maintained by political parties and opposed to party politics. Social democracy originated in the socialist movement, supporting economic and social interventions to promote social justice.

Politics of expanding state intervention to include income re-distribution, control and the welfare state.
The socialist political movement is concerned with the social problems associated with political philosophy and capitalism that have emerged in the revolutionary movements from the mid to late 18th century.

By the late 19th century, following the work of Karl Marx and his collaborator Friedrich Engels, socialism advocated capitalism and advocated for a post-capitalist system based on some form of social ownership of the means of production.

What is communism?

It is a political, philosophical, social, economic ideology and movement for those whose ultimate goal is the organized by communist society, therefore the social ownership of the production and social classes, Lack of money and state.

Types of communism

There are different types of thought in Communism, which are broadly related to Marxism and Anarchism as well as the political ideologies surrounding both. All of this shares the analysis that society’s current order derives from its economy and production system, capitalism. There are two main social classes in this system.

The conflict between these two classes is the source of all the problems of society; and this situation will eventually be solved by the social revolution. The two classes are the working class they must work for survival and the majority of society and the bourgeoisie the minority benefit by hiring the working class through private ownership production tools.
Difference between socialism and communism

Attribute Communism Socialism

Basic Philosophy From each person according to his talent, to each according to his necessities. From each person according to his capacity, to each according to his involvement.
Economy Planned By Central government Central government

Distribution of Economic Production Production is anticipated to meet all basic human requirements and is distributed among the people at no charge. Production is anticipated to meet individual and common needs and distributed according to individual capacity and contribution.
Religion Effectively abolished. Freedom of religion is allowed.

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