Difference Between Personal and Business Gmail

Accounts of Gmail are categorized differently into different users according to their needs and requirements. There are two different accounts of the Gmail offered by Google and providing the completely different services to the users as Personal Gmail and Organizational or business Gmail.

Difference Between Personal and Business Gmail

What is Personal Gmail?

It is the type of Google account it is also known as the regular account which is usually free and ends as @gmail.com. This kind of account is not used for business purposes. A personal Gmail account consists of username and password which are essentials to log in to consumer Google applications like Docs, Sites, and Maps.

Personal and Business Gmail

A personal Gmail account is providing access to all Google products and services. It can be created with a cell phone number or of any email address. In a personal Gmail account, we can upload or edit the profile picture and bio information and can do more than hundreds of chats.

Through Personal Gmail we can share a large number of files from one user to another user by sending attached files emails. This personal account is managed only by the one who owns the account.

What is Business Gmail?

This term is also known as Suite Gmail. The accounts made on Business Gmail have different features and used for various purposes. These accounts come in editions for businesses and enterprises.

difference between gmail and business gmail account

There is an administrator who manages all accounts of the organization by associated each of these editions. This kind of account is used for many government organizations, education or schools.

This account is usually free of ad, private and highly secured. Organizational accounts are used and issued from @domain.com. Most of the business accounts are run on the G-Suite platform with fewer fees.

The account is fully controlled and managed by the administrator or admins of the accounts. Administrator allows access to other associated users for having access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Groups, and Video.

Comparison Between Personal VS Business Gmail

Whenever we compare the Personal Gmail and Business Gmail the major difference that comes out between them is that a former account on Gmail build is only for personal use while later one account is built for business or a larger level of the organizations. These two categories of Gmail vary from each other by the services or apps.

There is option of “for myself” in the regular or personal Gmail whereas in business Gmail there is option of “to manage my business” and controlled from administrators.

The main difference between them is the type of account and some other features as in personal Gmail account which is managed only by the own person while in business Gmail it helps different users to come in one platform and getting access to all Google services and products.

Different business can be run by using Google services of Gmail as their email are secured. Email accounts of the corporate are maintained and paid for by a company. Personal Gmail account keeps updated only to specific message and notifications.

While in Business Gmail accounts, it gives notifications to all associated editions or users. For larger business or connected different users business Gmail is preferred while for regular use personal Gmail account is favored.

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