What is the Difference Between MPhil and VS Ph.D. (With Comparison Chart)

The key difference between MPhil or Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. or Philosophy of Doctor: is that both are degrees that can be acquired after completing a bachelor’s degree. M.Phil stands for ‘Master of Philosophy’, while Ph.D. is abbreviated from ‘Doctor of Philosophy. in General An MPhil known as the most advanced Masters degree and considered as pre-requisit for PhD, while on other side a PhD is the highest academic qualification on offer.

Furthermore M.phil Master of Philosophy, also known as Ph.M is chosen after the bachelor’s degree while on the other hand Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Ph.D., D.Phil., or DPhil) is post graduate doctorate degree awarded by the college or university.

What is M.Phil or Master of Philosophy

M.Phil and PhD both are research-based degrees and at the end, you must have to submit the research paper. The time duration of the degrees can vary in different countries. this is two year program but in some places, it covered in three years. in most of cases, an M.Phil degree is a thesis based only and considered a second Master’s degree. this degree can be done after the research paper and it works as a pre-requisite for admission for a Ph.D.

What is the Between MPhil and VS Ph.D

What is P.hD or Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Ph.D., D.Phil., or DPhil) is post graduate doctorate degree awarded by a college or university. After the completion of this program, degree holder can be referred as doctor. The word Philosophy is originally a Greek word which means “love of wisdom”. this word is not used only for philosophy but in broader sense as its name shows. In developed countries Philosophy term contains all fields other than theology, law and medicine.

Comparison Chart of MPhil and VS Ph.D


Meaning M.Phil. is an academic research degree, that needed proper research in a particular subject, and provides proper knowledge for further research. Ph.D. is an globally acknowledged, high level research degree program, offered by the universities, or college in order to attempts to add something new
Duration 2 Years 3 Years
Stipend Not paid Paid
Concerned with Research basics Original or fresh research
Programme Structure Course work and Dissertation work Course work and Thesis work

Key Differences Between M.Phil. And Ph.D.

Enlist down can draw difference between M.Phil and PhD clearly on the following grounds:

  1. M.Phil. is considered as second master’s degree course, started by the student to gain full-fledged knowledge on the specific subject and also provides a platform for advanced research. While on the other side of picture, Doctor of Philosophy (P.hD), is a highest level professional degree course which is globally acknowledge program that enable its holder to get faculty position and teach the respective field of subject at the university level, or work in that field.

  2. Master of philosophy M.phil take minimum two year to complete, while PhD program can be don in three years but it depend on the acceptance of the research paper or thesis.

  3. PhD is awarded to the student as a stipend for complete research workd, while stipend is not paid in M.Phil.,

  4. In M.Phil course contains all the research basics. on the other side, in the PhD program student are bounded to work on their own work in specific field.

  5. M.Phil. programme structure has two components, i.e. coursework and the dissertation work in which the expert guidance is mandatory. conversely, PhD programme based on the coursework, that is for one year, followed by thesis work with the help of expert supervisor.

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