What is the Difference between Mind and Brain

The debate on the difference between the Mind and the Brain is going on since the time period of Aristotle. Whereas the Mind is considered to be a pure vibrating energy and the Brain is considered to be the Physical manifesto of the Mind. The above discussion might have helped you to understand the difference between the Mind and Brain.

Most of the people cannot differentiate between mind and brain they think that both are same thing but in reality these are two different things. Brain is related to mind and people do not find any difference between these two words Mind and Brain. Most of the scientists and thinkers says that the Mind and the Brain are one thing and cannot be separated. These words are also used as interchangeably and can be used in place of one another. While the Brain is a physical thing and Mind is consider as mental.

What Is a Mind?

A mind is actually a person’s ability to think and react on the things. Or a mind is one element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and also to their experiences, to think and to feel and the faculty of thoughts “a lot of thoughts ran through the mind”. Also the set of facilities responsible for the mental phenomena is also known as mind.

What is Brain?

A brain is a complex organ in a human system that controls all the thoughts, emotions, memory and touch sensitive, vision, breathing as well as temperature and hunger and every other process that regulates in our body. A brain is basically a mass of nerves tissue in the anterior end of an organism.   The weight of a human brain is approx 1.4 kg or 3 pounds. The human brain is made up of billions of cells called neurons. Actually the brain is responsible for almost all the functions of the human body.

Difference between Mind and Brain

While the brain is composed of the nerves cells and blood vessels where as the Mind is not composed like this we can also touch our brain whereas it is not possible to do this to touch the Mind. The Brain has a definite shape and mass whereas the Mind does not have one. The brain is also composed of different materials and has a different part so we can also study the Brain whereas it is not possible to do this with the mind as it is not composed of any material or parts

The brain is an important organ in a human body because it is responsible for all most all the functions of the body and on the other hand mind is not like that. All the functions and activities take place in the brain of the human body. The brain is also considered to be the center of the nerves system and also coordinate the thoughts, moments and the feelings of the human being. But these are felt through the mind. We all uses our mind to think and respond and feel. The understanding of person to different things is referred to the Mind. The thought process of any person or human is also referred to the Mind.

The brain of a person also has a defiant place in the head of the human body but for the mind is always supposed to be in the brain. The brain of the human system can be affected or attacked by the diseases whereas the disease can be diagnosed but it is a quite difficult task to deal with the diseases of the brain whereas the mind don not have such complications. The brain of a human body almost controls the main and basic as well as other function so the human brain is an important and a main part of a human body.

The mind is actually an illusion of the Brain and the mind does not really exist. The things which we are considering as a Mind is actually a brain at work. How you feel and how you react to the thing and the way you make your dissection by observing your environment is all done by your brain.

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