What is the Difference between Love and Care

Care and love are necessary to keep any relationship strong. If there is love and care involved in a relationship it will show that the relation is unbreakable and smooth. Care and love both are complex and hard emotions that are necessary for both man and woman, boy and girl to show and proof that they are real. Both care and love are undoubtedly dissimilar from one another. Care is a feeling or interest for someone while love is a deep affection. Both of them are different emotions of humanity. These both emotions hold very beautiful meaning but both are different and diverse. Although love is bigger emotion than that of care

What is Love?

An extreme feeling of deep affection for the same person every time is known as love. An obsessive affection for some person, attachment is love. Love may be from one person to other, from mother to child or from sister to brother etc.  Love is an attachment for some person. It is like liking someone deeply as well as attracted towards them sexually as well as romantically. Love is a long term commitment. Different studies describe love in distinct ways. One of the studies (mythology) tells us that there are three kinds of love named as storge, philia, Eros and agape.

What is Care?

The emotion of care expresses the concern for someone or else something. Care might be for your neighbors’ or jewelry. This emotion is for a known as well as an unknown person. It is a sentiment that makes a person protective of a scrupulous thing or else a person.

Difference Between Love and Care:

Defining love and care makes clear the difference between them.  Care is a feeling of concern for someone as well as it also means the care for some family, work as well as some friend or a profession too. It also means the description treatment in medical case as well as pre natal care or personal care while on the other hand love engages a stronger sense of fondness and personal attachment. Along with it there are numerous kinds of love namely philia, Eros, storge, and agape.

Love shows feelings of tenderness plus affection for a person whereas in contrast care means showing feelings of compassion as well as protectiveness just before a person. Care may come in fraction of love while love is a wider thought than care and can’t come in feel of caring for somebody or else something.

A short term commitment is known as care while on the other hand love is a said to be a long term or long lasting commitment. Love is just for saying that a person likes some other person or enjoys something like someone loves autumn and in contrast care is shown by helping someone and help may be medical health as well as personal. Emotion of care doesn’t need to be shown while on the other hand love is shown because a person is in a relationship with the person he/she loves.

Can you care without love?

Love shows affection to person while care makes a person feel protective and important. Love is derived from a Greek word lofu while care comes from word caru for noun and carian for verb. Love is said to be intimate behavior while care is a friendly behavior. We love a person who is known to us and we are close to him/her while care is for a person who is known to you or unknown stranger. Love is a intense and deep feeling while in contrast care is mild and gentle feeling. Love is generally for a person, family etc while care is for old ones as well as orphan Childs.

Difference between love and care Quotes

  • “The right mixture of caring and not caring – I suppose that’s what love is.”- James Hilton
  • “It is nice to feel loved but it is so much better to feel that someone always care about you.”
  • “Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.”- Winnie the Pooh
  • “I love you and I will care from you from today until the day I finally succumb to the earth.”
  • “I suppose that is love, caring for someone and not caring for someone, maybe it is both.”
  • “As long as you do things with love and care, they become a piece of you, it becomes beautiful.”
  • “Life has taught me that respect, caring and love must be shared, for it’s only through sharing that friendships are born.”- Donna A. Favors
  • “A true friend is someone who will always love you – the imperfect, the confused, the wrong you. Because that is what a caring friend are supposed to do.”


The emotions that are inherited by the humans are known as love and care which are being discussed in this article. Both are positive emotion but are different. Love is for a person known to you while care is for a person who is unknown also. Both of them are critical in every relationship. One refers to a feeling for someone or something and other bears broader meaning. In a sense of romance love is more often than not driven by bodily desire as well as the want of person and Care is entrenched in deep and more legitimate connections.

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