Difference Between Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers (Inkjet vs Laser)

Key difference between the Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers is the process of printing hence which the speed, functionality and quality of printing is affected and is different. Both of them are used to print the documents but the difference is how they work.

Printers are used to print the soft form documents as well as information into the hard form. Inkjet printers use ink to print the data over the paper while on the other hand laser printer uses a laser for this purpose. Even though both of them make the hard, clear text as well as images while their techniques are drastically different.

what is Inkjet Printer

There is a use of tiny nozzles in the inkjet printers that are used to spray the ink onto the page through which a perfect document or brilliant picture is being printed over the page. This is said to be a brilliant substitute or option if you are looking up for high resolution photos, graphics as well as images on paper. Furthermore, a procedure of heating is also involved in it which helps to transfer the toner towards the paper and then fix the ink over the paper.

What is Laser Printer

Laser printers use toner powder in place of dye or pigment-based ink for printing purposes. Laser printers are used to create the electrostatic charged dots on the light-sensitive disc that is responsible for attracting the toner powder.  Moreover, they also produce high-quality black-and-white as well as colored printouts.

Difference Between Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers

Difference Between a Laser Printer and an Inkjet Printer

The purpose of printer is to produce a hard copy of any kind of document containing information like text, images etc. Many kinds of printers are used for this purpose. Two of them are discussed over here and differences are also mentioned below. These differences would be helpful for you people to select the best printer for yourself according to your needs as well as budget.

The main difference between inkjet printers as well as laser printers is that they use different cartridges. For instance, laser printer uses toner cartridges while in contrast, inkjet printers use ink cartridges.

A laser printer controls an electrical charge which is used to direct the toner to spray where and when onto the paper. While in contrast, the inkjet printer is a technology that is a little more necessary as ink is dispensed as the cartridge moves over the page.

If we compare both of them cost wise then according to your needs both of them are of different prices. The original investment of the laser printer is set to be drastically high than an ink printer. Concluded that the laser printers are expensive and inkjet printers are cheap than laser ones.  Both of these printers differ in cost, speed, functionality as well as quality.

The cartridges used in both of the printers are of different costs also. The cartridge used in the laser printer (toner) is more expensive than the cartridge used in the inkjet printer (ink cartridge). If one of them is damaged due to any reason then replacement of toner is more expensive than that of the ink cartridge. However, in the extensive run, this might lift up your costs. Investing in remanufactured cartridges is a different alternative for making the expenses lower even more.

The weight and size of the inkjet printer is very small as well as you can also place it over the table desk at your home. This is best for you daily home use. They are portable due to which you can easily place them over anywhere as well as changing the system is quite a bit easier too. While on the other hand Laser Printers are frequently bigger in size and they may require their own committed space.

If we compare both of them on the basis of speed then the printer containing toner cartridges will print the documents faster than that of the one containing ink cartridges. This shows the functionality as well as the speed of both printers.

Inkjet printers are considered to be slower that is because they need more frequent paper reloading which results in slowing the process of printing even more. If there is a task of printing a large scale of pages then laser printers are best for printing them at once.

Moreover, if we talk about the printing quality of both of them then the printer containing the toner cartridge will give you the best result as compared to the inkjet printer and this is because of the accuracy. The accuracy of a laser printer is difficult to match with an Inkjet Printer. When making use of an ink printer then there are more chances of the paper being more prone to smudge or torn although the ink is still wet.

The Bottom Line

Although both technologies are used for printing and both of them are perfect with their work but they are having differences between them too. They are different with respect to speed, quality as well as functionality, and cost. This article would be helpful to you to select the best printer to cover all of your demands and needs.

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