Difference Between Gmail and Email – Gmail vs Email

These two terminologies are different from each other. Email is a method of exchanging digital messages while Gmail is an e-mail service provided by Google. Both these web-services work by the use of internet.

What is the Difference Between Gmail and Email

What is Gmail

Gmail is a web-service that provides the platform to connect people with each other and share the data or information easily. Gigabytes storage is provided to the users. It is used mostly for professional purposes. It also provides the facility to search for specific messages.

Difference Between Gmail and Email

To use this service, it is required to make an account on its official page. Users have also some privacy in their personal accounts. It is an unlimited service where unlimited emails or messages can be sent or receive from different people. It is free to use. The sign-up option is also free, there is no hidden fee.

Few features of Gmail are unique and can be bought but they are not required much by users and even not bring some drastic changes in the experiences of users. Gmail means that free-web Google service.

What is Email?

It is the method of exchanging digital messages. Electronically stored information on a computer is exchanged between two users is known as email. Documents, files, images and other attachments are shared through a network of specific groups of individuals. Transmissions of messages are also possible through email.

E means electronic mail in which different forms of messages are received or sent through the mail. Mostly messages are not formed of communications they are in the form of files stored in the desktop. Most of the computers have the service of email. The email has some unique features as it is an automatic reply to messages.

It is also an auto-forward and redirection of messages. It also provides the facility to send copies of messages to multi0ple people. It is an automatic filing and retrieval of messages. The addresses are stored in an address book is also a unique feature of email. It shows the notifications if messages cannot be shared. It is also a free tool to use.

Comparison between Gmail vs Email

There is a major diff between email and Gmail. Email is the method while Gmail is an email service provider. These two web services are varied differently in terms of their applications or uses. The email is a very quick and simple service while Gmail has some features which need to buy.

Users of Gmail lose access to messages if users lose their internet connection. While emails give you access to mail from multiple devices. Gmail advertising is to the targeted population. Gmail and email service is also available now in the form of apps.

Gmail has a disadvantage of Google integration while email is not having the issue of Google integration. Email is a paper-less, it is, therefore, easy to access or in use. Emails send mass messages to a large number of people. Some emails are emotional in their responses.

Sometimes the information on email is over-loaded. Misunderstandings often happen in the emails while there is fewer chances of misunderstandings in Gmail.

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