What is the Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic

Not all the infectious diseases that are created are equal in terms of one another though they are often mistakenly used interchangeably. And the difference between these two words or diseases “pandemic and epidemic is blurred even the medical experts can understand it completely.

This is because the definition of each disease or infection changes according to disease as it becomes more or less prevalent over the time. The world health organization (WHO) defines the different diseases like pandemic, epidemic and also endemic on the base of the speed in which they spread in the world.

Thus epidemic and pandemic are two diseases and the difference between these two diseases isn’t the severity of the disease but it is the degree in which these two diseases spread all around the world. Pandemic is a disease which spread over a wide area and also cut across the boundaries of the different international countries while on the other hand epidemic is only enclosed in to the regional base and only spreads across different regions of a country.

The disease spread reach of the epidemic is not so wide like pandemic so that it can make large scale destruction, economic loss and also general hard ships.

It is also noted that a epidemic can also be changed into a pandemic and can be spread over the boundaries of the different countries, while a pandemic spreads so fast all over the world internationally so it is also very difficult to control a pandemic disease as compare to epidemic.

What is epidemic disease?

An epidemic is a disease which is defined as the disease which can spread over a large number of patients in the population of a region in a very short period of time it is the rapid spread of the disease.

Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic

Epidemic is an infectious disease that is caused by several factors which include a significant change in the ecology of areal population that is the increase in stress because of additional reasons or the over well increase in the density of the vector species can also cause an epidemic. Or an epidemic can be caused by an unexpected change in the gene in the pathogen reservoir.

What is Pandemic disease?

A pandemic is also an infectious disease and it spread over a large area covering and spreading into different countries and infect more people and patients as compared to an epidemic over a very short period of time.

The spread rate of pandemic is also very high then that of epidemic. A pandemic is a infectious disease that can spread over a countries or continents it also affects more patients and takes more people’s lives than that of epidemic.

Now days a widely spreading infectious disease COVID-19 is also declared as a pandemic disease by World Health Organization as it is spreading over a wide area in a very short period of time and is infecting the peoples all over the world.

Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases

The simplest and the most easy way to know the difference between the Pandemic and Epidemic is to remember the ‘P’ of Pandemic which means passport and Pandemic is an epidemic which have a passport and travels all over the world and infect the patients and peoples all around the world.

And the Pandemic is an Epidemic that travels all around the world. COVID-19 a widely spreading disease nowadays is also a type of pandemic disease which infected the peoples and patients all around the world in a very short period of time. And takes a large number of lives as well.

The WHO (World Health Organization) also declared the Covid-19 as a pandemic disease. A pandemic is formed through an epidemic another way we can say that when an epidemic is spared over a wide area all around the world and infect more peoples or patients in a short period of time then it is known as pandemic disease.

The pandemic and epidemic diseases are distinguished from one another in the way they spread all over the world if the disease is only limited to any region then it is known as a epidemic and when this epidemic spreads over a wide area and infect the peoples internationally then it is known as pandemic disease.

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