Difference between Different and Difference with example

These two words sound same but have a different meaning and are used in different places but are not of same kind. These two words are derived from the same Latin word “differentia”. These two words different and difference are closely related to each other and both came from the same root word and their meanings also overlap each other.

But they do not belong to same part of speech because the word difference is a noun while on the other hand the word different is an adjective. Adjective is a word phrase which needs a noun to modify. Difference is also used in mathematics, medicines and heraldry and can also mean to the things that are not related to the grammar.

The word different can also have many form and can be used in many forms like different from, different to, different than and etc these all are used in Americans English. While the form different to, is used in British English. As the word difference is a noun and it can be used as a part of idioms.

While on the other hand different is an adjective so as an adjective it modifies the noun. These two words are often used interchangeably by the peoples and are often difficult to understand the difference between these two words.

When we have to clarify the contrasting qualities, we do uses these two words or in, in the form of compression of two or more ideas or concepts. And the main difference between these two words is the difference in their part of speech. The word difference can be use before or after the comparative terms but on the other hand the word different is placed between the two comparative terms.

What does different means?

The word different is an adjective and it means not the same as another or each other or maybe unlike like in nature from or of a quality. The word different also means that some things or peoples or anything unlikely to each other or they differ from one another.

e.g.: The two brothers are different from each other even though they are twins.

What does difference means?

The word difference is a noun and it means that a way or a point in which the thing or peoples are des similar to one another or each other. Or it also means that the discrimination in anything. Or it determines the point or factor that makes the things different from one another.

E.g. there is a difference between the colors of the shirts of two brothers.

Difference Between Different and Difference: 

The two words may sound like a tongue twister and it also confuses many people. And they may use these two words interchangeably of place of one another mistakenly. The English language is may be difficult to learn and it may be ambiguous because it has several numerous rules which one should have follow to easily learn English language.

The words in English language are classified accordingly, and it takes years to study before one can use them properly and perfectly even then the mistakes can be made. The word different is used to describe the uniqueness and one the other hand the word difference is used to identify the areas of inconsistency.

When you are deciding that whether to use different or difference in the phrase so before this its important to know the purpose of the word. By using a improper word in the sentence will make the whole sentence incorrect.

We know that English is a difficult language to learn but with practice and research one can definitely improve and can easily learn and understand English in a very short period of time. In English language the words may sounds same but they have their own meaning and are also used in different places like different and difference the two words may sound same and it also confuses the learner and they use them interchangeably but these words have their own meaning and are not of same kind the word difference is a noun and different is an adjective which makes them a completely different words.

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