What is the Difference Between Data and Information With examples

Difference Between Data VS Information

Data is simply referred to as incomplete information like fact and figures, while on the other hand Information has some meaning and have complete information. In the case of computing we always measure Data in bits and bytes, While on the other hand, Information can be gathered in most meaningful units which are also understandable like time, quantity, etc.

What is DATA?

The term Data comes from Latin word, datum. literally meaning of data is something given. its is using since 1600s. with the passage of time Data term become the plural of datum

Raw fact and figures are called data. Data is the pre-state of information and has no meaning. Simply it is the process of collection of facts, such as numbers, words, measurements, observations.

difference between data vs information

We can understand the term data with the help of an example as a street number without a complete address. if you tell someone Streat #3, which is incomplete data and one can not understand that where is this located until you wouldn’t tell streat area or name, for example, street f 8 / 3, G10 is full address and understandable. The number of mountains, the number of students or any other raw number which has no meaning is also called data.

Other examples included like, a list of dates, and data which meaningless is data.

What is Information?

Information is used from the dates back in 1300s originated from Old French and Middle English. it is processed data, which referred to as “the act of informing,” like informing about education, giving instruction, etc. The processed data is called information. we can get all the context from data.

Data and information used together most of the time. we can understand the information with the help of an example that the number of visitors on the website is our data. but when go in-depth and analyze that US traffic is more than the traffic of the UK, is our information.

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What is the difference between data and information in tabular form?

Comparison chart

Data versus Information comparison chart
Data Information
Meaning Data derived from datum which means need to be processed. It is something that are in unorganized form and useless. The transformation or processing of data into the meaning full state is called Information.
Example Trafic on a websites from different countries is data. The US traffic on a specific website is increasing as compare to the traffic of Australia.
Etymology Data term is originated from datum which means need to be processed. Its usage reported from the back 1600s. as time passed this data term turn into the plural of datum. Since the 1300s the term Information using and come from Old French and Middle English. literally its meaning is “the act of informing, “.


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