Difference Between Curriculum Vitae and Resume (CV vs Resume)

The key difference between curriculum vitae and resume includes the length of the document and also the ability to customize layout options. Resumes and curriculum vitae both are used in job interviews or applications.

When you are going to give a job interview you must have a Curriculum vitae or a resume along with you, you may have noticed that some companies ask for or demand for resume while some ask for curriculum vitae and few of them may ask for both CVs and resume.

These two documents are very important for you if you are finding a job or giving interviews for a job. Because when you go for a job interview the first thing they will check is you CV or a resume. If you read a job posting banners it is clearly mentioned in them to bring your CV or resume along with you. There is a very few distinct difference between these two documents.

The difference in the curriculum vitae and resume includes the length of the document and also the ability to customise layout options. It is very important to select a correct one in both and the career path of an individual or a person must be taken into the account when you are deciding which one is appropriate to use.

CVs are often used by the people in academic role and a CV is a static document which you cannot change. You must have a CV if you are applying for graduation from master’s or doctoral program. You may have a CV if you are working as professor or a researcher at an academic school or institution.

What is a Curriculum Vita (CV)?

Curriculum vitae are also and commonly known as CV. Or a CV is a abbreviation of a Latin word curriculum vitae or a course of life. A CV is actually a detailed document about your education awards and special honors and all the scholarships you have and all the detailed information about your career history.

difference between curriculum vitae and resume

A professional reference, description of the fieldwork, hobbies, course work, interests and personal profile may include in you CV’s. And also the list of skills you have may be mentioned in your CV. Generally, Curriculum vitae start with you educational experiences.

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What is a Resume?

A resume is also an important document required for a job interview or simply a resume is document that summarize all you carrier history and all the skills and education you have. The word Resume is originated from a French word “resume” which means abstract or a summary.

A resume is actually a summary of your whole life education and the skills you have. Often different peoples from all around the world list their professional experiences on a resume in a reverse direction or order, that means that they list their current or the most recent job at the top of the list.

If you recently graduated and have a little or no experience and professional history you will start the list with your education and then you will list any recent internship you have done.

Difference Between a Curriculum Vitae and a resume

A CV or curriculum Vitae is an important documents that outlines all the academic qualifications, relevant details and all the researches about a person which is an employee in a company.

A Curriculum Vitae is a document which have detailed information about the education and the qualifications and skills of a specific person while on the other hand a Resume is a short and to the point document that provides information or underlines the qualifications of a person for a specific job.

When it comes to the length of both the resume and curriculum vitae or a CV then the length of a CV is much larger then a resume. it also has detailed information about the person’s education, qualifications and interest and all the experience the person have in any specific job.

On the other side a resume is short in length and also have a short and to the point information about the person a resume do not have a detailed information about a person if we compare it with the curriculum vitae. In short a CV is a document which have a detailed information about the specific person while a Resume is a to the point document.

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