Difference Between Commerce and Business Degree

All of the business and commerce degrees or programs have many advantages for the students. Students can choose any of the programs for there specialization according to their interest in specific areas. the degree of commerce is known as B.com for bachelor and M.com for a master degree, and if you want to for a business degree that you can enroll yourself in the BBA program or MBA program.

The Bcom program is a four-year program that offers a verity of subjects for the student from the each areas like Accounting, business management, commerce, cost accounting, auditing. Business degree’s concerns is only on managerial subjects and it has not broad field like commerce.

difference between commerce vs business degree

Both degrees have important in its places, as one makes your expert in commerce and other will let you to build your own empire and build your managerial level skill.

Difference Between Commerce and Business Degree

if we try to compare both programs we can differentiate in the following manner:

  • Commerce degree like Bcom or Mcom program will make you able to prepare your self for a white color job in any big multinational company. while on the other hand Business degrees like BBA or MBA will let you are to understand the Business and its management. Or simply a Business program makes managers for the corporate world.  it means you can learn about business and finance. there are further specialization or areas that you can select for your career like Marketing,  HR or Banking and Finance it’s up to your interest which one you want to go for.
  • Bcom degree holders can find jobs in any field of work where accounts involve profitable or non-profitable organizations, consultancies, public accounting firms, banking, budget planning, etc. While Business program holder can learn about business and can run there own business or can be a manager in any large business firm.
  • Commerce degree holders can get higher salaries than a business degree holders. As per the study of PayScale Canada, BCom graduates is average salary is C$60,000, while on the other hand for BBA graduates has C$58,000.

What is Commerce?

literally commerce means buying and selling of goods and services. commerce is not a physical thing its an abstract idea, skill that you can offer someone, and you can not own it like you can not say that you have you own commerce.

it used differently on the different situations like if you are some business concern with your client it offers business activity not commerce.

Commerce much like a trade but there is a big difference in both two. commerce included all of the activities relating to buying and selling, planning, marketing, supervision, or accounting, etc.

What is Business?

Literally the term business means activities related to buying and selling of goods. Business is the physical state of which can be owned by its owner. In the same manner, you can say that you have business with your client. The sole purpose of business is to the selling of goods on behalf to earn a profit. Business is a broad perspective that included trade and commerce as well. So business in not only buying and selling of goods but its more than that like management, administration, etc.

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