Difference Between Chemical and Physical Sunscreen

In this article we are going through the difference between chemical as well as physical sunscreen. Around eighty percent of signs of skin ageing take in the fine lines, hyper-pigmentation along with wrinkles and sagging are increasing speedily by the sun’s rays. UVAs and UVBs penetrate deep in to the skin and make them polluted.

What is Sunscreen

Sunscreen is worn by humans to protect and care for their skin from damage and UV rays out from the home as well as indoors.

what is Chemical sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen is used to protect your skin from the UV rays coming from the sun. This sunscreen uses some active ingredients in it that are Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, and Octisalate. If you want to protect your skin then you need to penetrate this chemical sunscreen in the layers of your skin and after that it will work and protect your skin. For this reason you need to wait for 20 minutes so that it starts working. Frequently, lone chemical is not sufficient to shield your skin and due to this different chemicals are mixed together for the formation of the chemical sunscreens in order to protect your skin from the UVA as well as UVB rays.

Physical sunscreen

A physical sunscreen is also known as a mineral sunscreen or else a sun block. A physical sunscreen most usually contains titanium dioxide as well as zinc oxide. When these compounds are worn in sunscreens, they are crashed into well particles so you finish up with an absolute, cream like formula. Physical sunscreens are also obviously broad-spectrum, which means they defend against both UVA and UVB rays.

Difference Between Physical and Chemical Sunscreen:

The most observable difference between physical and chemical sunscreen is the compounds that they hold. As a physical sunscreen hold natural compounds or else different ingredients like titanium dioxide as well as zinc oxide. The key difference is the working that how both of them works. One of them (Chemical sunscreen ) is used to absorb the UV rays which are harmful for our skin while on the other hand the other one( physical sunscreen) is used to reflect the UV rays from your skin.

If we go int deep detail then the difference between both of them will be cleared. Chemical sunscreen absorbs the UV rays in the form of heat and then releases it from your skin while in contrast the physical sunscreen is used to reflect back the UV rays by making a protection physical barrier over your skin which is helpful to be safe from harmful rays.

As some people are having a sensitive skin and they want to use the products that are less irritating, they want to moisturize their skin as well then the best option for this purpose is the use of physical sunscreen while the chemical sunscreen may be considered to be the better option if you are going to swim or you are doing some kind of work in which you sweat a lot like exercise, walk etc. chemical sunscreens are water resistant.

The process to apply chemical sunscreen is quite simple as it spreads over your skin very smoothly and is the best option for your daily use. Moreover it can be used with other makeup products also. You can apply it more than one time. But when you use this chemical sunscreen than it will start up heating your skin and internally temperature will rise and this will make you feel hotter.

It can also exaggerate existing pigmentation problems as well as skin staining or discoloration and acne. Moreover it takes time to absorb into your skin so you would have to wait for 20 minutes before you go outside. Chemicals used in this sunscreen also get absorbed and move into your bloodstream which is quite dangerous or harmful. For sensitive skin it is not a good option as they may cause irritation as well as stinging.

While on the other hand a physical sunscreen is perfect for sensitive skin. It is also a best option or you can say alternative for the people who are not interested in using the chemicals over their skin. This physical sunscreen is non irritant as well as it also contains natural ingredients for its formation. This sunscreen can be used as a moisturizer for the people who are having a dry skin. This product works immediately so you don’t have to wait for its absorption. The shelf life of physical sunscreen is advanced than chemical sunscreen and due to this reason it lasts longer than that of the chemical sunscreen.

Likewise there are some shortcomings of this sunscreen also as physical sunscreen is thicker than chemical sunscreen. It requires taking care into applying it to the skin as well as removing it at sleeping time. Some of the physical sunscreens can also be weighty and oily on the face, which is not considered to be a good thing if you are having particularly oily skin. Both of them are easily found in the market or shops. Physical sunscreens are also relaxed as well as comfortable on the skin.

Physical sun block has a tendency that it is less irritating as well as is used as a moisturizer too. Blending physical sunscreen is little bit difficult but now a days matte as well as tinted version are bought into the market which are less of white cast as well as is comfortable and result skin as smooth.

While in contrast the chemical sunscreen can be considered to be a better option if you are going for swimming purpose and require a waterproof formulation. Mostly it is used by the sport people as they sweat a lot. It can be absorbed into skin very quickly.


UV rays coming from the sun are harmful for human skin as 80% of the UV rays can easily pass through clouds. They can damage your skin. You can protect yourself from these rays by using different sunscreens. Two of them are discussed in this article in detail. I hope this article would be helpful for you people.

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