what is the main Difference Between Boys and Girls ( Boys VS Girls )

The Key difference between Boys and Girls is based on factor is the genitalia or else reproductive organs. One of the general complications that have existed in sight of the fact of the dawn of man is sexuality. Boy and girls are the ones pertaining to be human beings. Both of them are totally different from one another in many ways. Both girls and Boys are different physically, mentally, anatomically, psychologically as well as in expressions of cultural standing.

What is a Boy?

In faultless harmony with their reproductive roles a boy is having a penis and a couple of testes. The duo is conscientious in the production and diffusion of male reproductive cells, also known as sperm cells. The presence of rich testosterone in a body of boy would enlighten the lesser hairs on the face and all over the body as well as other masculine properties for instance the voice is having lower-pitch and leaner, muscular built.

What is a Girl?

On the other hand a girl is holding a vagina which is used to unite the both uterus as well as ovaries. The ovaries in girls are used to sporadically produce an egg cell. Moreover the vagina provides as a pathway for the sperm cells along with it the uterus houses mutually the egg and sperm cells for growing up. In contrast with boys, Girls are having mammary glands moreover it would more often than not have more obvious fatty tissues weigh against to boys. Such properties are present in girls due to elevated estrogen levels in their body.

Difference Between Boys and Girls

Difference Between Girl and Boy

In the field of psychology, the difference between boys and girls is more difficult as they are having totally different emotions etc. Girls are having higher emotional as well as social regards as compared to the boys. Generally, they are more empathic in nature. Girls are also having the ability of multi tasking as they are naturally more able to use the both sides of the brain. While on the other hand boys are naturally drawn to adventures as well as actions in life.

They love straightforward communication than that of girls. They are less emotional and take some time to react on emotional events. This is because it is difficult for them to adapt the emotional situations quickly. Such control can also have an effect on their learning curve.

Furthermore according to the modern research it is concluded that boys are more liable to mobile activities as well as they are more physical than verbal. While in contrast the developing of verbal as well as gesture communication of girls is quite faster because they are better at listening. Moreover boys are given more priorities than girls in the past years. As only boys were given authoritative posts and they were able to stand in politics but now girls are also given equal rights than man.

Boys and girls both are having absolutely different chromosomal patterns which indicate that they are totally diverse on a cellular level. Moreover studies have also shown the basic difference between them that how they are different in sitting, talking with hands and many more gestures.

The fat gained by boys is always on the belly while in contrast girls gain their fat in the back and thighs. Along with it girls get extra cellulite than boys.  Mostly about 10 percent of boys are larger than the girls in height. And this is because of the fact that God designed the male as a leader as well as a provider plus protector.  Just like Allah created Adam (A.S) first and allotted him the task of caring as well as managing and working in the Paradise.

Boys are stronger than the girls as they are weak physically as well as mentally. Boys are naturally 50 percent stronger than girls in strength. Men are created with larger muscles because they have responsibility to protecting their families as well as combating for their country. Girls get mature around 2 years before boys as well as girls habitually live longer than guys. Boys are strong while in contrast girls are softer, smoother as well as more feminine. Girls have a womb due to which only they are able to get pregnant. Boys are strong and enduring while girls easily get tired because of 20 percent less blood cells. Rather than these boys have 30 percent larger lungs than girls.


Boys and girls are humans but along with it they are having many differences between them. The most common difference between them is their reproductive make-up. Girls are more emotional and responsive than the boys. Both of them are undoubtedly different.

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