Difference Between Adobe Photoshop And Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator are famous graphic programs of adobe. These two vary in their applications.

Difference Between Adobe Photoshop And Adobe Illustrator

What is Adobe Illustrator?

is software that is based on vector. It is highly advanced form of adobe. The first version of Adobe illustrator came in 1987. It is used to create logos, graphics, cartoons and fonts. Illustrator uses mathematical constructs to create vector graphics. It can be zoomed 900% sharp and clear. There are multiples art boards in adobe illustrator.

The vector in illustrator means a line that is composed of two connected dots by a computer algorithm. Due to vectors, illustrator is often used to create logos. Most things are printed and displayed at different times by the use of vectors in illustrator.

Difference Between Adobe Photoshop And Adobe Illustrator

There is a mask above the object in illustrator. Object selection is easily possible in adobe illustrator. In illustrator, layers contain multiple objects. In this software, work can be done outside the workspace.

This software is mostly used by people to deal with printing logos from a small shop to big factories. All texts used in Microsoft Word are vector images created in Adobe illustrator

What is Adobe Photoshop?

is a program that is used to modifying the images or graphics which are already created like photos. It is the pixel-based format. The first version of Adobe Photoshop came in 1990. It is the most popular program of adobe. It can be zoomed 300% messy and blurry.

There is a single canvas in Adobe Photoshop. To edit photos is an amazing element of Adobe Photoshop. It includes a lot of unique filters, special effects, and tools. There is a mask below the object in Adobe Photoshop. The pros and cons of Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator defined in terms of their uses and limitations.

In Adobe Photoshop, the area of selection is easily possible. In Photoshop, layers contain a single object. In this, work can be done within the workspace. This software is used highly by professionals’ photographers and a digital printer that needs modified images. In Adobe Photoshop, it is hard to create a numerical or alphabetical entity.

Pro and con of Adobe Illustrator

The pros of adobe illustrator software that its vector graphic will never lost its quality if it is scaled up or down. Illustrator will also provide a better print output since it is not resolution-dependent. The con of adobe illustrator software is that it cannot be used for the modification of already created images so easily. There are limited available filters and images editing tools.

Con and pro of Adobe Photoshop

The con of adobe Photoshop software is to raster graphics that are created in photoshop. Everything in Photoshop is only a series of pixels when we are scaling something up or down it loses its quality so quickly. The Pro of adobe Photoshop software is to create web graphics, photo editing and designs since those projects will stay at a fixed size.

It is the popular choice for graphic users. There is another benefit of adobe Photoshop is to have complete control over projects. We can edit our graphic pixel by pixel.

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