Difference between Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Classic

Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are offered by Adobe with their specific and unique features. They are used in the market of photography according to the requirements of the photographer. Lightroom classic is the renamed version of lightroom. They both are used for editing the images or photos but vary in their different features.

Difference between Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe lightroom is used for managing or editing the photos or images by import and organize it. It is a non-destructive photo editor. Lightroom is cloud based provides the services of photo management and editing not only on desktops but also in mobile phones and tablets.

There is need to control the images in digital markets which is easily manage by the use of adobe lightroom. It is also considered as RAW converter. It manages the files in the background automatically when we add more images in the software for editing.Adobe lightroom VS lightroom classic

Its interface is no-nonsense which allows organizing and processing the images that can be print and share with others. This software or program seems as library with easy access to the folder of images and organize them however we want to edit or adjust the photos.

What is Lightroom Classic?

This program is focused on the desktop of digital photography. Lightroom classic is come into the photography market by bringing the images into edit platform. This program or software has unique features as it sharpens and noise removal, lens correction and vignette options. It has also tooled to crop and straight the images or photos.

Lightroom classic has focused on the strengths of the files and folders of the images. It can edit and manage the hundreds of photos or images. As it is the renamed of lightroom, it has applications in the markets of digital and used across the boundary. There are custom support settings in the lightroom classic as edit the photos in workflow through streamline.

Comparison Adobe Lightroom VS Lightroom Classic

The categories of adobe lightroom vary from each other in different ways. They possess different features and have various uses or applications in the markets of digital. Lightroom is used not only in desktop but also in mobile and web whereas lightroom classic is focused only on desktop.

The original of lightroom is cloud while in lightroom classic it is local hard drive in original. File backup is not included in the lightroom classic while there is an automatic file backup option in the lightroom.

Lightroom classic is used most comprehensively while it is streamlined and intuitive in lightroom. In lightroom classic, there is manual keyword option for organizing and photo search whereas in lightroom, the option of automatic tagging and intelligent search is available.

We can purchase the adobe lightroom easily as it is the part of adobe creative cloud photography while lightroom classic is available as part of adobe creative cloud. Images or photos can be organized with collections in lightroom classic while in lightroom it is organized with collections known as albums.

Lightroom is streamlined and do not offer many advanced options as in lightroom classic. The advanced features of lightroom classic also adjust the images locally while lightroom has artificial intelligence keyword search tool.

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