Difference Between Adobe Illustrator CC VS CS6

Adobe Illustrator CC VS CS6

Illustrator CC and Illustrator CS6 are the versions of adobe illustrator. The major difference between them is that Adobe Illustrator CC is updated version and cloud-based subscription using new technologies, while Adobe illustrator cs6 is old version. Therefore illustrator CC is the most advanced with added some new feature and work so much smooth from cs6. furthermore, it is the new version of the Adobe product line.

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe illustrator CC is software based on vectors which is designed especially for professional graphic designers and artists. The tool of editing and vector designed is used for all types of media but Adobe Illustrator CC has the capability to produce pixel-perfect accuracy artworks.adobe photoshop cc vs cs6

It is the version of illustrator that is available through creative cloud which is Adobe’s cloud-based service subscriptions. The adobe illustrator cc is full of colorful innovations that are excited. The unique point of adobe illustrator cc is the number of anchor joints are reduced by easy and quick editing of complex paths.

Spelling errors all are highlighted right in the document as soon as we type the text. It is quick and export of flies. Now it is feasible that we do not need to wait to resume work on other tasks. It is best for clean and graphical illustrations. Adobe illustrator cc helps designers and artists to create faster designs, as it offers designs presets and templates, which are easy to search and access.

Adobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe illustrator cs6 is used widely due to its unique features. Adobe illustrator cs6 is a powerful tool that is vector-based to design different web designs. It includes almost everything we need which is used during web designs and web videos or projects. It is the latest version of adobe illustrator that is completely free standalone offline.

It can be downloaded free. It is a powerful upgrade to the illustrator CS5. It contains a lot of new and interesting features. Its unique features help a lot in the creative process of every professional graphic designer. It helps the designers to create a stunning, incredible vector graphics. Its interface look is very nice and flexible.

That is self-explainable. Now the designers have the ability to create more complex artwork and designers have the minimum amount to waste. They are working more effectively and efficiently by the use of adobe illustrator CS6. The best feature of adobe illustrator CS6 introduced is the mercury performance system.

It is a long-waited feature available now. The other enhancements of adobe illustrator CS6 is to blur the features of adobe illustrator CS5. A lot of enhancements are made in the especially Gaussian blur.

Comparison between Adobe Illustrators CC VS CS

There is a difference between illustrator cc and illustrator cs6 on the base of their unique features and uses. CS stands for Creative Suite it is the non-subscriptions version of adobe apps. Now adobe offers CC apps or creative cloud apps. They are subscriptions based. CS is old technology that used the perpetual lines.

Photoshop CC is the current technology that used the subscription model and offering some cloud space. A CC subscription gives us access to the latest version of adobe Cs6 software. Cs6 is less supported than adobe illustrator CC.

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