Difference Between Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are software used for making vector graphics and organize images and layouts respectively. The illustrator and InDesign software differ from each other in their uses or applications.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

It is software developed in 1989 which is vector-based software. In the market of vector, Adobe illustrator gave much push to the adobe for its use. Vector-based illustrator means that it can either reduce the size of pea or it can be scaled the size big of billboard without affecting the quality. There are different competitors but still illustrator keeps it space in the market with high demands.

Difference Between Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Uses of Adobe Illustrator

It is globally used by professionals. It is common household tool for people who can easily do experiments with vector shapes and experiments. Designers can convert the vision into reality due to creative freedom in its application. Dozens of tools, shapes, and other elements of adobe illustrator enhances the creativity of designers.

People can create many things like vector illustrations, business cards, banners, broachers, envelopes, letterheads, mascots and many more by the use of Adobe illustrator. The business cards designed by the use of adobe illustrator will look like identical on the banner. The amazing features and elements of adobe illustrator and the versatility of the software make top most favorite tool for designers to create Logos.

What is Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is vector-based software which is backed by Adobe. The application of adobe InDesign was released in 1999. There is a drastic shift occur when this software is introduced in the market. Before this software, people were either using PageMaker or QuarkXPress but as soon as InDesign emerged it marked high demands in the industry.

It almost replaced every other product which was widely used in the industry. It is much more resemble to Adobe Illustrator but InDesign strengths lie in its ability to handle multiple pages and to create master pages.

Uses of Adobe InDesign

It is widely used in vector-based industries with high demands. This software is used by high artist to create magazines, newspapers, digital books and other layouts that contain heavy text layouts. Similar with the basic feature of adobe illustrator, InDesign is also used to resize the composition of any object according to the need.

InDesign comes with the master page option that allows the user to create several pages simultaneously. InDesign, we can automatically number the pages that make it to deal with the Multi-page document layouts. This software is used by artists widely as it helps to maintain a uniform and professional look in Multi-Page layouts.


The Adobe software i.e. adobe illustrator and adobe InDesign are splendid but it is important to see which is prior according to the requirements. For those artists who want to create an enhanced high-quality layout, the illustrator is the right tool. Illustrator offers multiple art board area which makes it easier for the designers to work on different forms at the same time. InDesign has also unique features which filled the needs and demands of many artists and designers in their work.

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