Difference between Acrobat Pro and Standard

These two terminologies are software that differs in terms of their features. This software is used for different purposes according to the requirements of business by seeing its features.

What is Acrobat Pro?

Acrobat Pro has almost all features of acrobat standard. Acrobat pro means that acrobat professionals used for business purposes. It has unique features. This software offers PDF features. It allows us to view, create, edit, sign and convert documents into PDF files.

There are some additional functions of acrobat pro. It optimizes PDFs and adds bates numbering. It creates technical PFDs in Autodesk, AutoCAD or Visio. It also adds audio or objects to a PDF file. It costs $14.99 per month annually.

Difference between Acrobat Pro and Standard

For reading and editing the PDF documents, there are different ways or commonly used software but Acrobat pro was the first one. This version of the software helps to create, read and modifications of PDF documents.

This feature of acrobat pro makes it popular and it is widely used then in the markets of software. There are few features of acrobat pro as it can compare the multiple files of PDF. It can edit and delete the file of PDF. Acrobat Pro has a unique feature to redact sensitive information so files can hide from the public with a few clicks.

What is Acrobat Standard?

This software is developed by the adobe incorporation. It is the newest version of acrobat. it offers plenty of functions at least or minimum amount. This software is globally used freely but most of the features are paid before to have access on them.

Adobe acrobat standard offers different features of PDF files. This software allows creating, editing, and converting the files of PDF. Even by signing up the account we can have easy access to PDF files and we can do some changes with them. To work easier on computers or mobile devices, the acrobat standard is now connected to the adobe document cloud.

This software is secured for many years. It provides the best and trusted solutions of files and documents of PDF. It is mostly used by window users. Important features of acrobat standards are to deliver the documents seamlessly. It is convenient to work on tablets and smartphones. This software can sign on any form of electronically.

Acrobat Pro VS Acrobat Standard

The acrobat pro and acrobat standard varies from each other in their specifications or features and uses. The prices to buy two these software are different. Acrobat pro costs $14.99 per month annually while acrobat standard costs $12.99 per month annually.

The main audience of the acrobat standard is individuals. It is used for personal, people can use to create, edit and manage the versions of PDF files. While the acrobat pro main audience is for professional or business use.

Acrobat standard supported the servers of Windows 2008 and 2012, and most of the versions are 7.8 and 10. The adobe acrobat pro supported the windows server are 2008 and 2012, the most used versions are 7.8 and 10, mac OS 10.9 to 10.13.

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