Difference Between A Web Designer and Web Developer

The primary and the main job of a web developer is to build and maintain the core and the structure of a website. The role of a web designer involves a lot of technical work and also the use of complex coding and advanced programming languages. In Short they take the ideas and concepts laid out by a web designer and turns that ideas and concepts into real, live and fully functioning website.

To better understand the role of a web developer it is better to compare it with another field like construction. Both the fields are same for somehow because in one a home or building is constructed and in another, a website is constructed. A web developer takes a designs and a blue print of the website which he has to design and work on it and make it a fully working and usable website out of a sketch.

What is Web Designer:

The designs of websites that are displayed on the internet are designed by a web designer or basically a web designer is a person which designs the website on the internet. Web designers usually focus on designing a websites for the desktop browser, however, since the start of the 2010s, the designs of mobile and table browsers have become increasingly important.

A web designer usually focuses on and works on the layout and the appearance of the websites and sometimes also the content of a website. The images, colors and all the fonts used in a website is designed by a web designer.

What is Web Developer:

As the name suggests that a web developer is a person which develops a website. The main job of a web developer is to develop a website and also to maintain the website and ensure that the website is working smoothly. The web developer also ensures the performance and reliability of a website. While the primary role of a web developer is to ensure that website that he or she designed is visually appealing and also easy to navigate.

difference between a web designer and web developer

Difference Between Web designer VS Web developer

 Web designer VS Web developer what’s the Difference:

  • If you are considering being a web designer or a web developer as your career so for that you have to deeply understand the different roles as well as the required qualification to become a web designer or a web developer.
  • A web designer and a web developer are two different people whereas each has to do his own job and work.
  • The main difference between the web designer and a web developer is that a web designer is a person which designs a website while a web developer is a person which develops a web site on the internet a make sure that the website is working properly and smoothly.
  • First the website is developed by a web developer and the after it is designed by a web designer.
  • The web designer focuses on the structure and appearance while the web developer focuses on the durability of the web site.
  • A web developer requires a plenty of solid knowledge about the programming languages and technical work. This also includes the understanding of the complex programming languages as well as their frame works. While the role of a web designer is less technical and more about the visual and appearance of the website.

Comparison between Web designer and Web developer:

A web designer have a verity of tasks and responsibilities, however the main role of web designer revolves around the designing of a website and taking care of the visual aspects of the websites.thr role of a web designer also includes to design a web site in such a way that the designed website is visually pleasing and also user friendly which encourages the user to stay on the website as long as possible.

A web designer also needs to be stay updated of the new and the latest designs of the websites so that he or she can provide a quality work with the latest designs in the market that the customers offers. Many web designers even create a web design style guide to ensure that each website looks consistent. A web designer also has to research and test the websites designs because it is always important to create a web sites in such a way that meets and full fill the users expectations and the clients specifications.

There are several different types of web designers whereas each focuses on a unique, different and a specific type of works.

Some of the types of web designers are:

  1. User experience (UX)
  2. User interface (UI)
  3. Visual

The skills set of a web designer depends on the person personal interest and specialty. However some of the common skills required to be a web designer are:

  • HTML knowledge
  • CSS knowledge
  • Understanding the basic Principals of the website designing
  • Understand the web accessibility standards
  • Responsive and interaction designs
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Design Tools and software
  • Branding, color theory and typography.

There are different types of web developers and a web developer focuses on the hand full of programming languages. The language they use to develop a website depends on the website he is developing or working on.

There are 3 main types of web developers:

  1. Front-end
  2. Back-end
  3. Full-stack

As we have discussed upward that a web developer needs a verity of technical skills to full fill their role and to develop a working website. At last the web developer must have knowledge about some of these things:

  • Coding and programming languages
  • HTML, Java, CSS and PHP
  • Java script frame work like jQuery
  • Debugging and testing
  • Data base and back ends
  • Word press
  • Content management system
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)

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