CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Dual Voltage 120/240v

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Dual Voltage 120/240v Non-HF Blowback Pilot Arc Non-Touch IGBT Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine 50Amps 16mm Clean Cut, Max Severance Cut 25mm: Get CNC Plasma Cutter, Herocut55i that is most powerful but lightweight. This is mostly a very sophisticated machine that enables you to easily clean cut 16mm, Max Severance 25mm metal with 65PSI under 220V in a very specific duration.

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Dual Voltage 120/240v

You will find it as Non-HF, Non-Touch, Blowback arc starting Plasma Cutter, without HF interface. it has easy interface that enable any to work easily with CNC cutting table. The CNC connection port can be found behind of the machine.

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Dual Voltage 120/240v Non-HF Blowback Pilot Arc Non-Touch IGBT Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine 50Amps 16mm Clean Cut, Max Severance Cut 25mm

This plasma cutter equipped with Dual Voltage 110/220V (120/240V) input voltage, efficient use 63Amps power breaker, smart and quality cutting thickness 14mm with 220V and 65PSI. and 10mm cutting thickness in 110V with 65PSI. If you have a short time this machine can cut Max severance 25mm under 220V

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the setup connection is very easy, which can be done within one minute. its preset NPT 1/4 air connector situated on the backside of the machine. It has an air filter regulator using which user can easily connect the machine to an air compressor.

Its air filter is built-in which release the cooling water automatically. There is a Non-HF arc starting torch that safe most of the time along with safety.

What voltage does a plasma cutter use?

This is an automatic dual voltage and dual frequency (110/220v) 50/60Hz respectively. So there is no need to change the voltage from 110v to 220v. One can 15-50Amps current 16mm clean cut under the 220/240V and 20-35Amps 12mm clean cut under 110/120V. This machine is suitable for cutting stainless steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc.

CUT55 is a Non-HF pilot arc, Compact efficient IGBT base Digital controller. This plasma cutter machine is one of the most portable single phase inverter machines. The machine is very handy and very easy to operate in terms of settings.

This Machine contains 2T/4T function, in order to cut smoothly, the Airchecks, Display show cutting amps, that enables user adjust the current to cut different metal. In case of good performance the Cutting thickness for this machine is 3/4” at 75 psi, if you want Max cutting thickness in short time, then it can reach at 1”.

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Features:

  • Made with advanced IGBT inverter technology
  • Digital IGBT Technologcy
  • 2T/4T; Air Check function, 110/220V input voltage;
  • Suitable for cutting stainless steel, copper, iron and aluminium metal etc.
  • Simple operation, smooth cutting surface
  • Fan cooled ensuring better performance and durability
  • 20mm clean cut under 70PSI, 25mm severance cut

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Specifications

  • Input voltage: 110/220V,
  • Current range: 20A-50A
  • Insulation Class: F
  • No Load: 49V
  • Generator Input: 4.8 KVA
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 40% at 50A, 60% at 40A
  • Max Cutting thickness: 25mm mild steel severance
  • Torch Length: 5 meters
  • Earth Cable Length: 3 meters

What in the box

  • 1 x Plasma Cutter
  • 1 x Non HF Pilot Arc Cutting torch with 5 meters cable
  • 1 x Air Regulator put inside machine
  • 1 x Earth Cable with 3 meters cable
  • 5 x electrodes
  • 5 x tips
  • 1 x 2 meters air hose
  • 1 x manual
  • Gross Weight: 10.3 kgs

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Updated: September 29, 2020 — 3:21 pm

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