What is AVIGen AntiVirus, its Features, and Benifits

This is the software used for removing all threats and protects the system from being infected by any viruses. It is developed by vbBeGo team. This software is registered in the group of security under anti-virus.

AVIGen AntiVirus

This is the free software product available on websites. There are different versions of the software and it is updated with every version. It is licensed by Freeware. The software is last updated in 2008. The total size of this software or file is 2.83 MB. It is highly used across the world due to its unique features and functions.

Features of AVIGen AntiVirus

This software is possessing diverse features that makes it popular in the software markets. It has the feature of default deny protection. It means that this software helps the users or professionals to be save from any default error by using this software. It is based on the protection security which means that it runs at the background of the system and makes a protective shield around the system.

There is also the option of auto sand technology. It keeps the system safe and secure from being affected by any harmful spyware and viruses. There is full notch element for detecting and eliminating the virus with ease.

There is also the system of quarantine. It means that it saves the files by keeping them in isolation or isolates the all suspicious files. The software has the feature of personalized protection that gives fully personal security to the system from dangerous viruses.

There is a proper tool for scanning the spyware in system by using this software which automatically identifies the viruses and keep the system clean. The software is easy to use and very friendly interface to detect and eliminate the viruses. There is application footprint is small and used for many commercial purposes.

There are no pop-up windows. Almost all functions are performed on a single screen. It also saves the lock drive from viruses.

Benefits of AVIGen AntiVirus

This software is very useful in various fields. There are great demands of the software in the industry to viruses detecting and eliminating software. The software is used by professionals mostly but it is also easy use by the users to those who have not commands on it.

It is quite easy to use. It prevents the PC of the users from being infected by harmful viruses and spyware. It saves the system to be interrupted during its use.

This software allows the users to run it in the background and keep it safe. In case of need, it also support for changing the list of viruses that are affecting the system at various times.

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