100 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits for Spouse

Veterans who qualify for a 100% disability from veteran affairs are entitled to additional benefits and financial support as compared to the support of other veterans.

100 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits for Spouse

The Department of Veterans Affairs gives financial help, educational, job assistance, and health care benefits to help and support disabled veterans and their  This help can lessen the burdens on families, as long as they know all the benefits and how to get them properly.

Financial Benefits for Spouses of Veterans:

Veterans with a 100 percent disability are eligible for an amount of pay increase for their spouses and children. Important thing is that these additional payments are automatically provided, so the spouse does not have to worry or apply for them.

Benefits for surviving spouse of 100 disabled veteran

The additional payments are added to compensation the veteran, which includes the followings:

  • $150 per month for a spouse with no children
  • $259 per month for a spouse with one child
  • $75 per month for each additional child

Health Benefits for Spouses of Veterans:

In addition to the financial assistance, veteran’s spouse and family may be eligible of health care coverage  Medical Program, which provides the cost of care services and supplies with the medicines.

Spouses and children of 100 % disabled veterans may be eligible for reimbursement for services, prescribed medications, medical equipment, nursing care, and mental health care etc. The medical facilities are provided only if the following remains true:

  • The veteran and their spouse remain married.
  • All children who are under 18 years of age (or under 23 and are still in school).
  • Children may remain on funding after the above age limits if they have disabilities that make it impossible for them to support themselves.

Education Benefits for Spouse of 100 disabled veteran

The  Education Assistance of veteran affairs program offers education and training opportunities to eligible members of veterans’ family members who are permanently and totally (100 percent) disabled due to a service connected circumstance, currently receiving some benefits, or the ones who died while on active duty, or as a result of any  service related condition.

Veteran affair benefits may be used by the spouse and children of veterans for degree and certificate programs or for the job training purposes.

The VA helps 100% disabled veteran in the area of education as well, providing up to three years and nine months of benefits for family members. This grant can be used to complete a degree, a certificate or any type of training program.

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DIC Benefits for Spouses of Veterans:

If the veteran with 100% disability dies as a result of his present condition that is not service related, then there is a possibility that the spouse of veteran will be entitled to DIC.

The veteran may have died while on active duty, or inactive duty training. The veteran affairs will go through the  proper review of the documents and the decision of the spouse.

Veteran affairs also examines whether or not the disability is related to service and then makes a final decision. Then, the spouse will be given the dependency and indemnity compensation.

Home Benefits for Spouses of Veterans:

Home benefits are necessary to be provided to spouses and children of veterans with disabilities so that they can live their life independently and properly.

Home improvement and structural changing grants are awarded to the 100% disabled veterans with service-connected circumstances (and some with non-service-connected circumstances) who require home improvements for the continuation of their life with spouses and children.

There is a eligibility criteria that needs a medical examination that shows that such improvements and changes are necessary and vital for effective medical treatment of the veteran’s condition.

Other Benefits for Spouses of Veterans:

The spouse’s state of residence may offer more additional benefits to the spouses and children of 100% disabled veterans. These benefits may include employment support, free counseling, and property tax dispensation. The benefits offered may change from state-to-state.

It is a good idea for the spouse and family of 100% disabled veteran to check with their state’s department for veterans to get more and ample knowledge for their rights.

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