10 Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership in Business

About the partnership in business over the sole proprietorship, this article is the best. There are thousands of businesses in the world that are running with partnership. Most common alternatives are the Sole Trade and the Limited company in business. Before star the business with partnership you must know about the “advantages and disadvantages of business partnership”.

Advantages of Partnership in Business

  • Less formal with legal obligations:

Compared to Limited companies, there is a lack of formality in the business partnership which is the first advantage of business partnership. It has an easier accounting process as compared to limited companies. For any business it is must to keep a record of income and expenses but in the case of partnership business there is no need to complete Corporation Tax Return.

  • Easy to get started:

Partners who want to start the business in partnership can decide to make a partnership on script or orally. For taxation, there is no need to register the partnership business with companies’ house. In the meeting, partners need to separately list for self-assessment.

  • Sharing the Burden:

In business partnership businessman can benefit from company and joint provision. Starting and handling the business by alone is very risky if he/she not do such business before.

  • Better Decision Making Advantages:

In the business, 2 minds are healthier as compare to 1 mind. Each partner has its own assumptionn to run the business in any direction. A joint assumption is better than a separate assumption.

More Partners Benefits

If the company has greater numbers of partners in business it means that more many can be obtainable by their mutual capitals to invest in the business.

Disadvantages of Partnership in Business

  • Slower and difficult decision making:

As compare to limited business, in the partnership business, decision making is more difficult and slow. Because for decision making every partner give its own opinion to make the business strength.

  • Profit must be shared:

According to the partnership Act of 1890, income are equally shared among all the partners. If the investment of the partners different then the income distributed among partner in the ratio of the investment of each partner.

  • Limited Access to Capital:

As compare to the limed business, there are higher threats seen in the partnership industries. Due to threats for partnership business bank will either be reluctance to lend or will only do so on less substantial terms.

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